Tourist information:

King’s Park hotel is located in Tonggu County in the Northwestern part of Jiangxi Province. The name of this county - Tonggu is derived from the Chinese meaning of “drum”. Many years ago, there was a giant stone with copper color, drum sharp and being hit with sound and so this place being named Tonggu (meaning of drum). There are beautiful mountains and rivers, fertile lands and rich resources. Nonetheless, it was the historic revolutionary base with green treasure. Green forest occupied total 87.4% of the land, just like a specialized area in providing oxygen. There are famous tourist spots like Nanfang Hongdousha Forest Park, Tianzhu Forest Park, National environmental protection zone, Mao’s fortune place, Hakka culture and hot springs resort.


Daguang highway (from Daqing County in Heilongjiang to Guangzhou), Changchang highway (from Nanchang to Changsha) will be developed in 2012. Tonggu will be settled in the center point of Jiangxi; it takes about 1 hour to reach either the Nanchang airport or Huanghua airport

Two Subways are under plans for development, one is from Xianning in Hubei to Jian, and the other is from Jiujiang to Changsha. Tonggu is located at the center point in between above mentioned districts, it makes a better transportation network as there is a “2 highways 2 subways” project.

The transportation network of Tonggu has been linked with Jiangxi’s highway network. It only takes 2-3 hours to reach the three major cities including Wuhan, Nanchang and Changsha, and it links up with the 3 major economic zones: Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Central Fujian Nanhai Xi economic zone.