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To cope with the fast moving economic development and the rapid growth of tourism industry, WGL is sincerely inviting and welcoming your company to join as business partners. Interested parties please feel free to contact us through email, direct mailing or phone.

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Investor Information
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This project is solely invested by Worldlion (Group) Investments Limited. Worldlion Holdings Limited (WHL) was founded in 1987 based in Hong Kong. With 23 years delegation, WHL is now developed into a comprehensive company with subsidiaries in different sectors around the globe, including investment, construction, trading, education and accountancy. Our subsidiaries and investment partners are located in the Philippines, Vietnam, Mainland China, the USA, Canada as well as the North America.

WHL was developed under its mission of earnestness and truthfulness. With years of experience in global business and its professional knowledge, as well as taking the advantages of a Hong Kong base office, including good government policy, free flow of information, suitable investment environment, good logistic network and human resources, we have a vision of creating a unique Worldlion pathway.

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Investment Field:

Our group has been investing in many different industries, such as hotel and tourism, construction industry, agriculture and real estate. 2 years before this project, we have invested over RMB 500 million dollars in mainland China of the above fields.

  • 2003 Standard 4-star Kingston Hotel in Fuzhou

  • 2004 Investment projects started in Fuzhou, Yangzhou, Yichun County and Fengxin County

  • 2005 Imported Blount Industries Co. Ltd. to set up manufacturing plant and office in Fuzhou

  • 2006 Investment in hotel projects in Hebi City in Henan

Cooperation between Tourism industry and hotel project

Our hotel development aims at providing a high class resort hotel service to the city and near-by area, and to further developed as a landmark infrastructure. Coupled with the development of ancillary facilities and the conveyance project of surrounding area, we believe that we will create a better investment environment in Tonggu in a very near future.

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