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To cope with the fast moving economic development and the rapid growth of tourism industry, WGL is sincerely inviting and welcoming your company to join as business partners. Interested parties please feel free to contact us through email, direct mailing or phone.

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Concept Design
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Worldlion (Group) Investments Ltd. has been invested in a development project of a 4-star hotel and its conveyance projects. Meanwhile, there is the coincidence of the new eco - development policy of “三改一建”- “Three changes , one development” project, hot spring resort and Highway from Nanchang to Changsha. We believe that King’s Park Hotel will bring a brand new image to Tonggu County within 2 years and become the government appointed and designated host hotel.

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Unique Style

We have been keeping a balance between the concept of construction and appearance. According to the building's features, taking into account of people's aesthetic ideas, while emphasizing Chinese traditional culture, it is expressing the strong modernist tendencies. The main building is a having a trendy appearance measured with a golden scale, will be the Tonggu landmark building.

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The design of our hotel is a combination of business and resort hotel, functions including accommodation, leisure, catering, entertainment, conferencing. We have fully considered the sustainability of development in the city.

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Design Concept of King's Park Logo

Brown, light brown and cream color as the major color tone, with response to the construction tone. Representing an image of earnestness, low profile but still glamorous. The idea of King’s Park logo is based on the concept of “crown-representation of the king”, with the core idea of using a dancing human figure to represent King’s Park hotel is dancing with flying colors in the tourism industry as well as valuing people as core business objectives of our hotel.

King’s Park logo is a merge of a Chinese dancing human figure and a Western crown, meaning that there is a combination of Chinese and Western culture. A circle surrounding King’s Park represent the globe, and it reveals that King’s Park is trying to develop as an international brand. Also, a circle means we can get everything well-done in Chinese saying. In the core, there is the symbol of wheat, it means that King’s Park was built by our staffs’ hardworking personality.