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To cope with the fast moving economic development and the rapid growth of tourism industry, WGL is sincerely inviting and welcoming your company to join as business partners. Interested parties please feel free to contact us through email, direct mailing or phone.

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Kings Park International Hotel
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King’s Park Hotel is located in Tonggu County, Yichun, Jiangxi, and PRC. Being one of the famous historic revolutionary bases in past, Tonggu becomes the top 10 tourist spot with beautiful mountains and fertile lands in Jiangxi province. It is described as “Oasis in the Red Land” with a huge green forest, for it is purposing of developing into an eco-economic development zone. King’s Park Hotel is located in the central part of administrative and economic district, with convenient access from all directions. It offers business and leisure travelers an incomparable, award-winning combination of comfort, service and convenience with a perfect eco-view of parks and rivers.


This hotel-development project covered the area of 28.4 acres, building area of 46,000 square meters with the investment sum of around RMB 200 million dollars. The design of our hotel is a combination of business and resort hotel, functions including accommodation, relaxation, catering, entertainment and conferencing.




Our hotel is emphasizing Chinese traditional culture as well as representing a modern style. There are totally 15 floors in the main building and 3 floors in the sub-building with a basement, having totally 256 rooms for accommodation. Added to this, there are also other different choices of resort mansions or independent houses.

The project is estimated to be completed in 2012, the most prominent buildings of the King’s Park Hotel will not only become the Tonggu County's landmark buildings, but also the introduction of new management models and management concepts of King’s Park Hotel will greatly enhance the city's image Tonggu.